Strain gauge implementation is our core business. It requires expertise and rigour.

PRESCAMEX teams are trained following the best practice.


  • Strain gauge bonding
  • Spotwelding
  • Implementation of all strain gauge accessories
  • Photostress coating and contouring
  • Optical fiber implementation (Fiber Bragg Gratings)
  • Thermocouple implementation




PRESCAMEX controls its instrumentation thanks to:


  • LEICA Microscope camera with dedicated software for positioning
  • 3D measuring FARO Arm
  • Programable laboratory oven
  • Measurement instruments: VISHAY GIT-1300/P3/System 7000, HBM QuantumX
  • 3R universal test machine

Our systems and lab instruments are recent and calibrated.


Technological surveillance

We test and implement new measuring techniques:

  • Optical fiber
  • Miniature strain gauges
  • Highly resistive ceramic strain gauges

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