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NEWS: 3D printing

PLA printed housing


In order to integrate its PCB, PRESCAMEX invested in a 3D printer. This tool allows us to build on demand housing, tools, paterns, etc...

NEWS: Autonomous and connected acquisition systems

Autonomous and connected acquisition systems

PRESCAMEX develops and sells autonomous and connected acquisitions systems. Our cards allow you to measure:

  • ¼, ½ and full bridges,
  • Thermocouples and thermistors,
  • High level signals (4-20 mA, 0-10V)

Different communications modes are available:

  • Radio (up to 2000 samples/s)
  • IOT: LoRa or SigFox, local LoRa network

Measurements are memorized in real time on the cloud, your PC or a flash memory.

NEWS : 19th july 2018, Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, runway 32L


PRESCAMEX was there along the runway to see the first flight test of the new Beluga XL.

An emotional time, which underlines the realization of a project for which the Toulouse PRESCAMEX team was involved since more than a year. We are proud to have taken part on this beautiful adventure, in the highly-rated of all other actors who contributed to this success, bravo !!

NEWS : A new facility in Toulouse !!


The team of PRESCAMEX Toulouse has just moved, beginning of June, in their new facility based on the south-west of the city and located very close to the ring road and the arc-en-ciel road. This new place is ideal to bring us closer to our customers .

This new building allows us a larger space, which fit better to our developpment and offers higher instrumentation capabilities; a workbench of 3.60 linear meters, 2 heating chambers of 120 L and 750L capacity, a new strain gages and wires store,...

We hope you will visit us soon

In a changing industrial world, PRESCAMEX is investing to ensure you the best of strain-stress analysis :

Since 2001, PRESCAMEX Paris and its divisions situated in Nantes, Toulouse and Perpignan, are proposing to you reliable means for strain measurement based on strain gauges, ceramic strain gauges, Photostress™ and optical fiber technologies.

Certified ISO 9001-2015, PRESCAMEX is well known for the quality of its instrumentations in lab and its skill for on-site service.

PRESCAMEX proposes its "savoir-faire" in france and abroad.

Quality Chart (FR) : Download PDF

ISO 9001:2015 (FR): Download PDF